Tree Care Services in Southern Pines

Tree Pruning

It’s easy to neglect your trees, but proper pruning is necessary for stimulating growth and sustaining overall tree heath. Just be sure to leave this task to the professionals - poor pruning techniques can lead to permanent tree damage.
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Cable & Bracing

Not every tree is a strong, healthy tree. Some lack the support structure they need to grow and sustain themselves. Tree cabling and bracing are ways to enhance support in a tree that has poor or compromised structure. This is especially helpful for reducing stress damage on a tree during a wind or snow storm.
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Root Barrier Treatment

Roots that are allowed to sprawl can be damaging to concrete, foundations, and sidewalks. Adding root barriers to redirect tree roots away from these structures is a simple and effective way to prevent costly root damage.
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Storm Damage Clean Up

High winds, heavy snow, and torrential downpours can damage trees and leave a mess in your yard. If you need help cleaning up after a storm, give us a call. Damaged or broken tree limbs can turn into a major safety hazard. They can also fall on your home or live power lines if they aren’t cut and removed properly.
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Crown Excavation & Root Pruning

A tree’s root system can be massive - they can sprawl out as much as twice the height of the tree. If you’re concerned about possible damage to utility lines, plumbing, or concrete due to expanding roots, give us a call. We know how to safely excavate around tree roots and add root barriers around structures to prevent future problems.
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Whether you have an old tree stump that needs to be removed or a small orchard of trees that you hope will thrive for generations to come, we‘re committed to providing the best stump grinding and tree care services for our customers. With knowledgeable tree experts who are focused on safety and service, you're in good hands with Southern Pines Tree Care.